VAS n Coffee

How many of today's headlines will matter in 100 years? 1000?

The Internet in 1969

Using Blogger as a kind of free web host?

@Surfrider HQ #Geocache

Bad Papa Kissing Fish

@LisaMcClure & @Respres at the San Clemente Pier

Morning Bird Song San Clemente

The Virtue Of Sympathy

Drew Brophy Book Signing Photoset

@GraemeThickins & @DrewBrophy

Drawing w @DrewBrophy book signing

Time to relax...

Murphy says...

The Government Is Bankrupt

5 North FUBARD

Blue Lagoon 1964

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I would say it's the wine...

Play it better...

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Surfing The Modern Mediascape

Happy Hour

Read Aloud

Olde Mans circa 1960

Casa Romantica

Wake up! On the Road with a Zen Master

Toes in the sand

It's a dogs life.

Eat Me To Extinction

Online Games Can Make A Better World

Our Fav Irishman - Bad Papa


It's Good To Be Scottish


Last Nights Sunset

Commit Random Senseless Acts

Josh in da tube

Found one

Did not find Cache


Orange Sashimi

Express yourself with the Blogger!

The Band

Pool View

I made this!

Do You Blip?


San Clemente Pier Bowl Sunset