This Post Sponsored by ME MUDDER!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

When my prayers were poorly said,
who tucked me in me widdle bed
and spanked me butt til it was red?
.......Me Mudder!

In the morning,
when the lights would come
and in me crib me dribbled some,
who wiped me widdle tiny bun?
.......Me Mudder!

Who took me from my cozy cot
and placed me on me ice cold pot
and made me pee-pee
when me could not?
.......Me Mudder!

Who's hair so gently she would part
and hold me tightly to her heart
and sometimes squeeze me
til I'd.....fart?
.......Me Mudder!

Who looked at me with eyebrows
drooped, and screamed and yelled
til she had the croup when in
me Sunday pants I...pooped?
.......Me Mudder!

And at night when the bed did squeak
and me raised me head to have a peek
who yelled at me to go to sleep?
.......Me Father!!!!!