Presence Of Mind - Alan Watts

From Alan Watts

You can't have half of a wave.

When I bent neon for a living the radio was always on in the background.

& It was always public radio, the bottom fifth of the FM dial & it's commercial free.

This is where I found Alan Watts...


Thinking of Egypt Freedom 101

From America

My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is:

'What are you doing for others?'"

How about a little Freedom.


San Onofre Free And Easy

From Macgillivray Freeman

Surfers live differently thank other people.

They live a unique, carefree life.

To a surfer only two things are important: the sun & the surf...


Concordia Teacher Of The Year 2011

Mr Page Has Some Heavy Friends

Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Shane Beschen,
Colin McPhillips, Ryan Sheckler...

Concordia Teacher of the Year 2011!

Way to go Mr Page!


A Surfer's Code - Epilogue

Are Surfers Modern Day Pirates?

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into our tribe.

A question and an answer...

Why do marketers like Seth Godin want to get into our heads anyway?

Because Surfers, As a group, most closely resemble the dynamic of "Social Media"

Surfing Created a clan of people where the skill of the dance, & the telling of the story is paramount.

We Surfers, Are a group of Self Aggregating, Self Regulating Individuals,

Who's ultimate goal, Is FUN!

Surfer's Code 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life - by Shaun Tomson

#1 I Will Paddle Around The Impact Zone

#2 I Will Take the Drop with Commitment

#3 I Will Never Fight a Rip Tide

#4 I Will Paddle Back Out

#5 I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers

#6 There Will Always Be Another Wave

#7 I Will Always Ride into Shore

#8 I Will Pass Along My Stoke

#9 I Will Catch a Wave Every Day

#10 All Surfers Are Joined by One Ocean

#11 I Will Honor the Sport of Kings

#12 Mahalos for your Ohana

#13 Now go catch a wave and come back to talk story about it...


I Will Honor the Sport of Kings

Drains To Ocean
From the shore to the sea.

Let's look back to Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaiian Royalty.

Lesson #12 I Will Honor the Sport of Kings

Surfing is not a pastime, surfing is a way of life.

I will honor my surfing brethren, In the water, or out of it.


All Surfers Are Joined by One Ocean

San Clemente Sunset Photos
Look to the horizon line.

At the end of the day, stop & notice.

Lesson #11 All Surfers Are Joined by One Ocean

Surfers have a commonality of experience that is special.

We are truly different than other people...


I Will Catch a Wave Every Day

Even if only in my mind.

All surfers have that one special wave.

Lesson #10 I Will Catch a Wave Every Day

That wave that they can remember vividly,

The wave, that in moments of boredom or strife that we can escape to,

& run over and over in our minds.

Only a surfer knows that feeling...


I Will Pass Along My Stoke

Surfing Ruined My Life

Once your compass has been spun, your next step is to share.

Lesson #9 I Will Pass Along My Stoke

This from Urban dictionary

"Stoked" - adjective - to be "Stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something. Surfers know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do...

Got Stoke?


I Will Always Ride into Shore

I Will Never Paddle In

You went to all the work to get out here,

Lesson #8 I Will Always Ride into Shore

It's getting dark...

Do you wait out the lull?

Or do you paddle in?

The Ocean, Gives You Strength, Power, & Patience...


There Will Always Be Another Wave

From Trestles

To your shore, it's all about rhythm,

Lesson #7 There Will Always Be Another Wave

So you missed the last one, stop paddling for it.

Fix your gaze on the horizon line.

& meditate, be mindful of the next wave...


I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers

Darin McClure aka NeoN D. SuRFeR
From My Heart

Here is where the work & the reward comes in.

Lesson #6 I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers

Sitting on the beach at Dogpatch in the early 90's reading a book on HTML,

I could have never imagined how watching out for other surfers,

Would ultimately turn my life into what it is now.

Mucho Mahalos To All Those Surfers Who Keep Looking Out For My Ohana.

Stars may be made on the water, but legends are made on the sand. -Tubesteak

Please enjoy this short interview by Ella of Rusty Keaulana The Hawaiian Super Man


I Will Paddle Back Out

From San Onofre

Surfing teaches self reliance, and to never give up.

Lesson #5 I Will Paddle Back Out

Was it a good ride? Paddle Back Out.

Did you wipe out? Paddle Back Out.

Down to your last dime? Paddle Back Out.

Stuck in your own head? Paddle Back Out.

My friend @IzzyPaskowitz and his family have this down.

Before there was Jack Kerouac,

There was the Paskowitz Family.

Surfing Spins Your Compass, become part of our Ohana.


I Will Never Fight a Rip Tide

In the water Or in Life.

A rip tide or current is when the water from the surf takes a channel back out to sea.

Lesson #4 I Will Never Fight a Rip Tide

If you find yourself on a free ride back to the middle of the ocean, don't pannic!

Stay calm and swim parallel to the beach until you find yourself out of the rip and can swim in.

Just like life, when confronted with force, relax, wait for the calm, then hit it!


I Will Take the Drop with Commitment

From Surfing to Life

In surfing, to make the drop, you need to be committed, focused, aimed.

Lesson #3 I Will Take the Drop with Commitment

In life remember to keep that same commitment once you paddle in.

These watermen would agree.


I Will Paddle Around The Impact Zone

From the lineup

Shaun Tomson's 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Thru Life.

Lesson #2 I Will Paddle Around the Impact Zone.

In surfing, I have this down, In Life, not so much. Still Learning.

That's not to say that in both you may get stuck on the inside from time to time...


A Surfer's Code, Life Lessons Learned In The Lineup

About Me

Everything I needed to know I learned in the lineup.

Lesson #1 I Will NEVER Turn My Back on the Ocean.

I made @LisaMcClure watch "Big Wednesday" with me on one of our first dates to better understand the surfer psyche.

Go Big Or Go Home.

A "Surfers Code" 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life
by Shaun Tomson


How To Give Your Baby A Massage To Relieve Gas

Kate says I Am Pooping My Pants

So far Kate has been a very happy baby, exept when she has gas. I got a kick out of this video found by @LisaMcClure on How to give your infant a massage to relieve gas.

I am going to watch it again and take some notes...


The Red Hair

Starr Baby
she gets from her mommy.

Where does her mommy get that red hair?

Would love to know someday...


Mashable Meetup Orange County

Darin R. McClure
Shot by filmmaker Michael Sean Wright


I had a blast at the Mashable Meetup Orange County in San Juan Capistrano yesterday, with special thanks to those that used the hashtag #MASHMEETUP (next time go shorter, #MashOC for ease of use).

@localoutreach Max McGhee, @ksablan Kevin Sablan, @AlexMurashko Alex Murashko, @mariabrophy Maria Brophy, @nicefishfilms Michael Sean Wright, @RossTeasley Ross Teasley, @morganb Morgan Brown & My Ride Mr @JasonAplin Jason Aplin

The internet is a Sorting Problem, Not a Searching Problem,
Title and Label any thing you do on the interwebs, so you can find them latter.
SEO your life.

Here is our LIVE! Qik shout out from everyone who connected IRL.


Turning Difficulty Into Freedom

Turning Difficulty Into Freedom
From Jack Kornfield

A Meditation On Compassion.

Pick a path with heart.

The only thing that really matters.


Why We Go To Blogworld

Why We Go To Blogworld
From Trestles With Love

I used to call myself an activist because I took part with a bunch of other dedicated persons in saving a place that is very special to our surfing tribe as a whole. But does that make me an activist? Or am I missing the point? Do you need to be an activist to protect clean water where you live, work or play? Prolly not. So what are we?

We are what used to be called a Citizen.

& Citizenship gives us a bundle of rights, political & social, the right to vote, the right to receive certain protections from the community, as well as obligations.

What the members of my ohana in Mayberry by the Sea learned is that a group of well informed citizenry can make the right decision, even when big money backs the opposition, and make a difference.

They got the money, but we have the tweets, friends, likes, and more importantly


Want to impress a government agency? SHOW UP.

Want to make a difference in your local community. SHOW UP.

While you are there, blog about it.

Why Do We Go To Blogworld?

We go to Blogworld Expo so we can bring this New Media Know How & inspiration back to our Ohana.

And now I give you, the Great Tubesteak of Malibu San Onofre, on how I saved Trestles.


San Clemente Mayberry by the Sea

Just another San Clemente Sunset

Living in a place with floor to ceiling windows over looking Ole Hanson's Casa Romantica gives us the opportunity to witness some truly amazing sunsets here in our little Mayberry by the sea...


Stop And Notice The Moment

Thinking About Kate

The tools in our hands give us all an amazing ability to connect in ways that were not possible a few years ago, the walk to school, a calm moment at home. Then being able to share with our tribe and save for posterity in real time, some day I bet Ella & Kate will both get a kick out of these blog posts...

Take this chance to document your world

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller



Information Overload Produces Pattern Recognition

From Marshal McLuhan The Roll of the Artist

Information overload produces pattern recognition - IBM

When you give people too much information, they instantly resort to pattern recognition to structure the experience. The artist when he encounters the present is always seeking new patterns, new pattern recognition, which is his task, his great need. The absolute indispensability of the artist is that he alone in the encounter with the present, can get the pattern recognition. He alone has the sensory awareness necessary to tell us what our world is made of. He’s more important than the scientist...


Circuits Connect Us

Circuits and the strange property they have

of not only connecting one another, but of connecting us as well.

My New Year's Resolution is to blog more. In 2011 I want to blog every day.

I am going to explore the concept brought here by Marshall McLuhan in the 1960s on circuits.

And the strange property they have of not only connecting one another, but of connecting us as well.

That pretty much leaves it wide open.

Last time I did this my theme was sex, drugs, rock and roll.

Having 2 kids I am on another part of the wheel now.

Should bring a more mature song.

Day 1/1/11