Why We Go To Blogworld

Why We Go To Blogworld
From Trestles With Love

I used to call myself an activist because I took part with a bunch of other dedicated persons in saving a place that is very special to our surfing tribe as a whole. But does that make me an activist? Or am I missing the point? Do you need to be an activist to protect clean water where you live, work or play? Prolly not. So what are we?

We are what used to be called a Citizen.

& Citizenship gives us a bundle of rights, political & social, the right to vote, the right to receive certain protections from the community, as well as obligations.

What the members of my ohana in Mayberry by the Sea learned is that a group of well informed citizenry can make the right decision, even when big money backs the opposition, and make a difference.

They got the money, but we have the tweets, friends, likes, and more importantly


Want to impress a government agency? SHOW UP.

Want to make a difference in your local community. SHOW UP.

While you are there, blog about it.

Why Do We Go To Blogworld?

We go to Blogworld Expo so we can bring this New Media Know How & inspiration back to our Ohana.

And now I give you, the Great Tubesteak of Malibu San Onofre, on how I saved Trestles.