A Surfer's Code - Epilogue

Are Surfers Modern Day Pirates?

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into our tribe.

A question and an answer...

Why do marketers like Seth Godin want to get into our heads anyway?

Because Surfers, As a group, most closely resemble the dynamic of "Social Media"

Surfing Created a clan of people where the skill of the dance, & the telling of the story is paramount.

We Surfers, Are a group of Self Aggregating, Self Regulating Individuals,

Who's ultimate goal, Is FUN!

Surfer's Code 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life - by Shaun Tomson

#1 I Will Paddle Around The Impact Zone

#2 I Will Take the Drop with Commitment

#3 I Will Never Fight a Rip Tide

#4 I Will Paddle Back Out

#5 I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers

#6 There Will Always Be Another Wave

#7 I Will Always Ride into Shore

#8 I Will Pass Along My Stoke

#9 I Will Catch a Wave Every Day

#10 All Surfers Are Joined by One Ocean

#11 I Will Honor the Sport of Kings

#12 Mahalos for your Ohana

#13 Now go catch a wave and come back to talk story about it...