Patterns Mean Filters Mean Patterns

Marshall McLuhan:
there is in IBM, for example, a phrase:
"information overload produces pattern recognition."
when you give people too much information, they instantly resort to pattern recognition. --to structuring the experience.
pattern recognition : one of the peculiar new awarenesses of our time.

Darin R. McClure:
The internet is not a #searching problem, it is a #sorting problem.


The Quality of Listening by Jack Kornfield

To hear her song...
In Africa. There is a story that illustrates the quality of listening that can come through meditation. In a particular east African tribe or village. When a child is born they don't count the birthday of that child from the day the child comes from its mothers body or even the day it is conceived as in certain other cultures, but rather from when that child was first a thought in its mothers mind, that is the real birthday. And as soon as the mother realizes that she would like to have a child with this particular partner, She will go off and sit out in a field under a tree, and listen, and wait until she can hear the song of the child that wants to be born in her heart that will come from the wedding or the coming together with this particular man. And when she hears this song, she sings it to herself, and then returns back to the village and teaches it to her partner so that when they make love together, joined together in love, They sing this song and invite this child to be born. And later as She is pregnant. She sings the song to the child in the womb and teachers it to midwives so that when the child is born. The first song or sound that it hears is those gathered around singing its own unique song. And as the child grows. The people of the village learn the song of this person so that when he falls or she falls and hurts herself. someone picts her up and sings her song to her, or in the rites of passage or rituals of the village the song is sung, the wedding ceremony where both songs are sung until finally even at the end of life, the song of this child now as an old man or women. is sung for the last time, and say their last words...

When I first heard the story in it touched in me a longing to live in a place where we heard one another's songs, where we were so in tune with ourselves and with one another that we could greet each other in that way, to meditate allows us to hear the song within ourself and to be respectful and hear the song of those around us. - Jack Kornfield

Do you know your song? Can you hear the song of others?

Take the time to listen.


Happy Birthday Bad Papa!

Happy Birthday Bad Papa!

May your joys be as deep as the sea,
and your troubles as light as the foam.

Rem, it's always happy hour someplace in the world!


Sharing Life With My Imaginary Friends

It's Snack Time

& from the time some of us get up, until we go to bed.

We enjoy engaging with our "Imaginary Friends"

And if you are open to it, and ask for it,

You may also enjoy some sweet rewards!


Mr. @UnMarketing Wants YOU to Pay Attention!

Scott Stratten Mr. @UnMarketing

If you believe business is built on relationships,
Make building them your business. @Unmarketing

The Staffing Industry Executive Forum is the most prominent annual meeting for CEOs, owners, and senior level executives from all sectors and segments of the staffing industry.

Staffing is Relationships


Sawubona Means I See You

Today there are many ways to see.

“Sawubona” the Zulu greeting, means “I see you”

“Ngikhona” the response, means “I am here”

Be Here Now with @ChrisBrogan & "The Serendipity Engine"


How Not To Give Tech Support

From Darin R. McClure

I woke up this morning with a head cold,

So today I am prolly apt to get something wrong,

Telling you to watch this Ted talk is not one of those things.

How to use experts & when not to... by @NoreenaHertz


Stawarz Low Flying San Onofre

From San Onofre to the sky

Stawarz with yet another beach pass from above our favorite local surf spot,

San Onofre Surf Beach,

Soundtrack: Message From Art, Live! by The Joe LaBarbera Quintet


StumbleBaby Baby Talk

Don't Wake Kate!

Just a few weeks ago now Kate came into our lives.

She is growing so fast and getting so big!

& already has alot to say...


California High Speed Rail?

Driving to San Clemente

From Lost Angeles can be a hassle.

Add a little water and it turns into a nightmare.

We don't need high speed rail between Fresno and Bakersfield...

We need Disney Style Monorail at a fraction of the cost per mile.

More miles, more jobs, more use, run them right over the freeways.

Walt was right... Let's take a look a what a commuter can look for in the future.

With San Clemente's own Richard M. Nixon


We Love Our Honda Civic GX

Fueled with CNG

For the last 8 years we have driven an NGV,

Or Natural Gas Vehicle. .

$1.92 a gal to fill, Diamond lane solo & Made in the USA.

What's not to love?


Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver...

No On A San Clemente

In the only vote in all of Orange County.

You have to wonder what they were thinking...

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver...


GMail 2 Step Auth Keeping The Pirates At Bay

Google Keeping Us Safe From Pirates on the Cloud.
If you are not living on the cloud,

You are taking up too much room.

Make sure you have @Gmail account & secure your all of your Google hosted data.

After you enable Gmail 2 Step Authentication, your @Google related applications or services that do not support 2 step authentication to use a single use password

For that single use password you will need to visit The Authorizing Applications & Sites Page under your Google Account settings.


How To StumbleUpon Love

"You'll never meet anyone if you don't leave your house,"

That is what our friends said.

And not that We would recommend staying in and Stumbling to find love,

but it sure worked out for us...

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs...

What's wrong with that?

So here we go again!


Hold That Sunbeam Tiger

In the first two seasons of Get Smart

Maxwell Smart drove a red 1965 Sunbeam Tiger,

He had the hottest babe, 99, She dugg Max,

You could tell by the way she said his name.

But, was it the car?


Louie Baur Visits SMMOC

From Long Beach California to Social Media Masterminds of Orange County

Digg Master @LouieBaur stops in to mix it up with the #SMMOC crew,

As Always, Keeping it core.

Visit SMMOC.com for more info!



@EllaBell 's POWER HAIR

Veronica is busy converting Rose into a mini-Veronica, complete with power hair.

Veronica: Children, they have so many uses. They're like adorable Swiss Army knives.

Ted: Although they can't open wine worth a damn

Better off Ted


Embrace Your Ohana Tomorrow Is Not A Promise

From sunsets that will be missed...

I found out yesterday that an old friend died last week.

He was in his mid thirty's, had autoimmune disease, and was living in constant pain.

His family was coming down to comfort him, as he was to the point where he was going to need constant care. Instead of becoming a burden, he took an overdose of his pain medication.

He is no longer in pain, but we can no longer comfort him,

Or each other...

May your joys be as deep as the ocean, your sorrows as light as its foam.


Let Me Google That For You Orange County

From The Furture Of Blogging Platforms

I joked at a recent SMMOC that BLOG was an acronym for "Be Listed On Google"

It got a few tweets ;) ty, I also shared LMGTFY.com or Let Me Google That For You dot Com"

It is not a google product but it does give you a fun way to see how you are doing with your SEOs at google.com.

How did I do? Let Me Google That For You Orange County


Being #SMMOC's resident @Blogger, I get to show you a recension prof, cloud based web app, with 100% uptime, backed by @Google, that is free to use and brandable...

One of my favorite additions to the Blogger CMS is the Popular Posts Widget to the right >

With that if I see YOU LIKE THESE MOST! I can update those posts with new content, perhaps I was lazy and did not add a picture or location, this prods me to do that now.

So without furthur addo please watch this short vid from @Blogger Introducing the Blogger Template Designer, your cloud based, what you see is what you get blog designer.



Measure A San Clemente‬ Imperial Edition

Reservoir Dogs, Imperial Edition, San Clemente California.

Хочу стать шпионом , в какой ВУЗ мне надо поступать? -Banksy

I AM BANKSY! @DarinRMcClure


Banksy Re-Visits San Clemente

From The Miramar Theater

Art is anything you can get away with. - Banksy

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine. - Abraham Lincoln


Time for Choosing San Clemente

From Ronald Reagan

On Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday,

It's good to remember that when great forces are on the move in the world,

We learn we are spirits not animals.


San Clemente Pier Rat Handcrafted Internet Radio

From My Ear to Yours

@8tracks is handcrafted internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least 8 tracks.

8tracks believes handcrafted music programming trumps algorithms. Think radio in the 1970s, mixtapes in the 1980s, and DJ culture of the 1990s through today. DJs share their talent in taste making, providing exposure for artists. Listeners get a unique blend of word-of-mouth sharing and radio programming — long the trusted means for music discovery — on a global scale.

Take a Listen


Influencers of a San Clemente Pier Rat

From there to here

Some of the random influencer's throughout my life outside of surfing, in no particular order.

Ram Dass. Be Here Now

Jello Biafra. Become the Media

Marshall Mcluhan. The Medium is the Message (now on constant rotation in the car)

Jack Kornfield. The Quality of Listening

Terance Mecheena. Alien Dreamtime

Alan Watts. (anything)

Joe Frank...

It's about the way these men talk...


Social Recruiting for Dummies

So in defining "Social Recruiting for Dummies" I refer to @RTGit's @DarinRMcClure my personal conversational media "Yoda" (he looks a little green after all that fancy Sushi) who tells me that participation & engagement is key & "to keep it recent, local & relevant you must". I think that he see's potentially the Force is strong with me & "use Twitter I must" as I venture into this new galaxy & learn to communicate in ways I never thought possible.

Welcome To The Social Recruiting Revolution

After you watch the movie, I would love to hear your comments

James Bowmer
President & Chief Operating Officer


It's Like Groundhog Day All Over Again

From the desk of Darin R. McClure

Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his burrow & declares spring is near!

With a 38% success rate Phil may wonder if forecasting winters departure is the job for him.



George Freeth The Original Surfer

Our Shared Surf History

From Ireland to Hawaii and then the rest of the world.

The true story of surfing and how a "Royal Hawaiian Irishman",

Saved our "Wave of Life" from Extinction.

George Freeth The Original Surfer

For more please visit "The Witt Family Archive"