Social Recruiting for Dummies

So in defining "Social Recruiting for Dummies" I refer to @RTGit's @DarinRMcClure my personal conversational media "Yoda" (he looks a little green after all that fancy Sushi) who tells me that participation & engagement is key & "to keep it recent, local & relevant you must". I think that he see's potentially the Force is strong with me & "use Twitter I must" as I venture into this new galaxy & learn to communicate in ways I never thought possible.

Welcome To The Social Recruiting Revolution

After you watch the movie, I would love to hear your comments

James Bowmer
President & Chief Operating Officer


  1. Ok, you asked. I'm the consumate social media dummy here. IMHO this is just an interesting jumble of unrelated statistics. Someone, please explain:

    1. Kindle, Wikipedia, and Google are social media? This promo would have us think so. If I am wrong, please explain.

    2. "50% of the mobile internet traffic in the UK is for facebook.. imagine what this means for bad customer experiences" Is this suggesting that if you have a bad experience with a company or their products that there will be a wildfire of flame facebook posts? If everyone at that company were facebooking and texting and social media-ing like a wildfire won't make a whit of difference. 3. I don't see any correlation between being tech savy and being able to perform any sort of damage control.

    4. "25% of search results for the worlds top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content" This user generated content is merely another source of spam. Unless you know your source (personally), the content is meaningless. ???.

    5. "Do you like what (bloggers) are saying about your brand" What exactly does jumping on the social media bandwagon afford me to do about what people are saying about my brand? Please, be specific.

    6. Here's a good one- how are products going to find me via social media? I'm assuming that the products that are finding me are ones that I actually am looking for, not merely more spam.

    You'll need to post replies here as I don't "social media"


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