Let Me Google That For You Orange County

From The Furture Of Blogging Platforms

I joked at a recent SMMOC that BLOG was an acronym for "Be Listed On Google"

It got a few tweets ;) ty, I also shared LMGTFY.com or Let Me Google That For You dot Com"

It is not a google product but it does give you a fun way to see how you are doing with your SEOs at google.com.

How did I do? Let Me Google That For You Orange County


Being #SMMOC's resident @Blogger, I get to show you a recension prof, cloud based web app, with 100% uptime, backed by @Google, that is free to use and brandable...

One of my favorite additions to the Blogger CMS is the Popular Posts Widget to the right >

With that if I see YOU LIKE THESE MOST! I can update those posts with new content, perhaps I was lazy and did not add a picture or location, this prods me to do that now.

So without furthur addo please watch this short vid from @Blogger Introducing the Blogger Template Designer, your cloud based, what you see is what you get blog designer.