Save Trestles

Governor Ronald Reagan to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

"The TCA is calling for some MAJOR redecorating."

A CRITICAL California Coastal Commission hearing will be held on
Wednesday, Feb. 6 starting at 9 am (and probably going all day), at Wyland Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014

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& MiB Will be there! Taking the CNG and will be tweeting from the hearing.


Ron said;

Governor Ronald Reagan To Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I firmly believe one of the greatest legacies we can leave to future generations is the heritage of our land. This expanse of acreage, San Onofre Bluffs State Beach, Now has it's future guaranteed as an official state park."

Governor Ronald Reagan
in establishing the State Park at San Onofre April 3 1971

If Arnold was to have one ghost of Christmas past dream, I wish Governor Ronald Reagan would make that late night visit to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Newport Beach CA

Newport Beach CA


View From The Sand

Space Age Pier Rat

Every picture tells a story don't it?

Thinking with this blog that I will be posting picts and did not want to have to abandon it as I updated the hardware I was using to take those picts.