Future Of Blogging Platforms Blog World Expo 2010

This Year @Google gave @BlogWorld their seal of approval, with a booth on the floor, and a seat at the Future Of Blogging Platforms table.

My #1 Rant Blog, Wiki, Forum, of any stripe is a just a Content Management System. #SEMANTICS

I want a tool that will let me Curate and Create my content without having to take care of the back end. I want a well funded group of white hats fighting the skript kiddys for me there...

That tool does note need to be complicated, but should be expandable.

More rant found here #SMMOC


Blog World Expo A How To

How to DO Blog World Expo #BWE10 (From 3 years of experience)

Show up, tweet about it, use the hashtag #BWE10, follow the hashtag #BWE10, Follow @BlowWorld & @BlogWorldExpo, don't be a lurker, be a producer, take pictures, take video, take notes, stay hydrated, bring sunscreen, bring lip-balm, save a tree, leave your business cards at home to keep off the spam lists, bring a smile, follow on twitter, friend up on facebook, link up on linkedin, show up to the parties, take pictures, take video, don't drink too much, TAKE BLOG WORLD EXPO!

Any Questions Recruit?



The Singularity

Terence McKenna speaks about the epic transition we face in the very near future called the Singularity. #2010

This shift will be the result of the inevitable culmination of infinite technological progress and the emergence of completely new states of connectedness. Once the Singularity happens, infinite growth is reached. Within a very short amount of time (as a result of this exponential growth), we will take our first steps towards a new age as an entirely new entity.

We will then go on to saturate the entire physical universe with our newly born super-intelligence, or we will gain the ability to actually leave the 3-Dimensional universe and move to higher (or simply other) states of being.



John Lennon Google Doodle

Some things are only interesting once you click on them, imagine that...


Are You Taller On Twitter?

Jared Attig, @sy4me_Jared Geek, Entrepreneur, Enterprise 2.0, and what this "Social Learner" learned at #LavaCon.


Twitter Is Not A Fax Machine via @ScottAbel

I have heard twitter described as chat, but fax was new to me @JackMolisani

To me Twitter is like a real time searchable Bazaar, with all that that entails, pic pockets, panhandlers, misanthropists & philanthropists, thrill-seekers & newsies.. all in one big open space, flat time, flat earth interacting with and around each other.

"You poke it, it pokes back, that is what makes it fun!" @LisaMcClure

I learned @LavaCon that not only does it poke back, that poke is an injection of pure OXYTOCINE, (the cuddle hormone) via @MarioLehenbauer

Jack gets it, take the etiquette of a cocktail party, bring some infotainment, and perhaps a little chocolate...

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