Twitter Is Not A Fax Machine via @ScottAbel

I have heard twitter described as chat, but fax was new to me @JackMolisani

To me Twitter is like a real time searchable Bazaar, with all that that entails, pic pockets, panhandlers, misanthropists & philanthropists, thrill-seekers & newsies.. all in one big open space, flat time, flat earth interacting with and around each other.

"You poke it, it pokes back, that is what makes it fun!" @LisaMcClure

I learned @LavaCon that not only does it poke back, that poke is an injection of pure OXYTOCINE, (the cuddle hormone) via @MarioLehenbauer

Jack gets it, take the etiquette of a cocktail party, bring some infotainment, and perhaps a little chocolate...

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