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Should Obscenity be Illegal?

The definition of obscenity is notoriously slippery—works as varied (and sexually inoffensive) as Lady Chatterley's Lover, Ulysses, and I Am Curious Yellow have all been deemed obscene—and its prosecution is famously subjective and selective. Material is considered obscene only when a jury finds it to be so; the same book, movie, or song can be illegal in one region and totally fine in another.


CUSD Teachers Strike March Up El Camino Real

Guess when the CUSD board saw all the footage of the teachers, pissed off parents and kids coming thru, their thoughts turned to the ballot box...

We love our teachers it is good to have them back in their classrooms teaching.


Senator Bullsh*t

The latest from @TheRealRX, Stephen Tyrone Colbert interviews Senator Bullsh*t...


Sunday Walk

Looking for color, walking the Del Mar Farmers Market in San Clemente.


In a highly structured and bureaucratic state, the government has installed extreme and highly counterproductive measures for which to track down terrorists...


TEPPAN THIS!! @Ichibiris

TEPPAN THIS!! @Ichibiris

The Politics of Muhammad Ali

Various video clips of Muhammad Ali speaking about the Vietnam War and racism in America and the people he influenced - the more things change, the more they stay the same...


It's Up To You

Television is not the truth. Television is a god-damned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats & story tellers...


"Did Somebody Put Sugar In My Tea?"

"Did somebody put sugar in my tea?"

What began there nearly at the end
Of an ill fated love affair
Between a Doctor and a Patient
And the fondness that they shared
For their preferred medication
Byproducts of their generation
Technically speaking
They were technical experts
The order of events on this particular evening
Of extraordinary consequence
Underneath the influence
Of Government issued
I must confess remains somewhat a mystery to me

Hearing voices in his head
There's a haunting in the tower
And by order of the king
Secret agents everywhere
There were cameras in the garden
Helicopters flew the sky
The flower in your hair
Planted by the FBI

Inside information
Despite this operation
Must have triggered the alarm
There is something in your eyes
They way they glitter when your high
That say this wasn't one of those times
So I wonder why
Every time I listen to my heart
It tells me you were lying from the start
But so was I
At an undisclosed location
In the favored age of information
Our supper duper top secret agent
Is desperate to retire
When a flash lit up the wire
Your assistance is officially requested and required
Without hesitation
Commence operation
Procure all necessary proper medications
There is a problem with the patient
And to be an operation
In the spirit of co-operation
I made my preparations

I have acid
I have weed
It was an excellent time indeed
Undone in the end
By the most wonderful mescaline
I sampled it again and again and again
Henceforth to be known as the mescaline incident
The trouble began days before I moved in
When a man was murdered across the street
On the conner in the most depraved sort of way
It was not a good sign
And certainly not a good time
To go fooling with such a haphazard and unpredicatble thing
As my own mind

What could I have been thinking?
Having my sugar and eating it too
It was delicious delirious time
And all of it without you
Till when at last you caught up with me
I was already already all rapped up in the most improbable series
Of highly unlikely coincidences
That were more likely to the aforementioned hallucinogens
Than some half baked international conspiracy's
To put acid in my sugar
And the sugar in my tea
Am I crazy is it my or did somebody put sugar in my tea?

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

There were letters of intention
There were statements of denial
4:20 early morning when the call came down the line
Without hesitation,
Without reservation
Consume all remaining and proper medication

Faster than you can say
Don't drink the tea
Regrettably I did it
with the whole world watching me
At that very moment,
My life became digitized
You were playing with the lights
And I began to feel hypnotized
You had X-Ray Vision Eyes
And you were trying to read my mind
The matter of suggestion in your questions the deception
This implied everyone was there
And everything was wired
All the lines were tested
And all the lies were tired
Truly desperate measures
For truly desperate times
The moment of truth had finally arrived
With all my calculation
There was something in the e
There was acid in the sugar
There was sugar in my tea
It was bittersweet and sugary
Then came the third degree
I was ready
I was waiting
I've been watching you
Watching me

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar

So there in his hour of testing
On trial for his life
Overdosed under fire and just completely exposed
Our favorite chemical technician
The very definition of a man on a mission
Himself the accomplished liar
With only his wits to save him
With these damaged at best
And sabotaged at that
He senses a trap
Pushed deep deep deep into the well
In what is sure to become know as a legendary performance
In the literature of anti interrogation operations
Slowly turns it back
With a message for the king
An in his warble of a voice
Begins to sing

Lately I've been wondering
Is my imagination
Am I crazy
Is it me
Or did somebody put sugar in my tea?

Was there acid in the sugar
Sugar in the trees
Something in the eats
Am I crazy
Is it me
Or did somebody put sugar in my tea?

Thus began the Acid Chronicle's
It was a troubled time in the muddled mind
Of a not so very famous so called International DJ
Who at this particular moment was perched somewhat precariously
And precipitously on the balcony on a chair atop table
Slowly going crazy saying

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar
Bit by bit
I eat my trip
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar,

It's like this
I like trips
I like things with sugary bits
Bit by bit
I eat my trip
I love trippin
Ya I love sugar,

It's like this
I like trips
I love trippen
Ya I love sugar...


San Onofre Bluffs & San Clemente State Park Photoset

Went for a walk to down trail one, run the dog and the kid... while waiting for the sun to shine, the off to State park once the sun did come out.


Sweet Tooth Photoset

A stop at the candy store for a treat...

No Child Left Inside

Join the No Child Left Inside Coalition and Earth Day Network as we call on parents, teachers, and schools across the country to take kids outside to learn on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2010.


If you boil ribs the terrorists win photoset


Support: "I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop." Customer: "Ok." Support: "Did you get a pop-up menu? "Customer: "No." Support: "Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?" Customer: "No." Support: "Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?" Customer: "Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I wrote click'."



Walter Tragert & the Rated G's

http://blip.fm/~o1n55 Walter T. & The Rated-G's – Rough Day At The Sandbox, led me to Singing on the Radio, digging it.