Influencers of a San Clemente Pier Rat

From there to here

Some of the random influencer's throughout my life outside of surfing, in no particular order.

Ram Dass. Be Here Now

Jello Biafra. Become the Media

Marshall Mcluhan. The Medium is the Message (now on constant rotation in the car)

Jack Kornfield. The Quality of Listening

Terance Mecheena. Alien Dreamtime

Alan Watts. (anything)

Joe Frank...

It's about the way these men talk...


  1. Where do you dig this stuff up!? I loved the Alan Watts video. When I have time, I'll listen to more. Right now I'm busy dancing to the music...

  2. For years I bent neon from 1 am till it was to hot, then went to the beach and surfed for the rest of the day.... you can listen to some great stuff at 1 am...


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