Mashable Meetup Orange County

Darin R. McClure
Shot by filmmaker Michael Sean Wright


I had a blast at the Mashable Meetup Orange County in San Juan Capistrano yesterday, with special thanks to those that used the hashtag #MASHMEETUP (next time go shorter, #MashOC for ease of use).

@localoutreach Max McGhee, @ksablan Kevin Sablan, @AlexMurashko Alex Murashko, @mariabrophy Maria Brophy, @nicefishfilms Michael Sean Wright, @RossTeasley Ross Teasley, @morganb Morgan Brown & My Ride Mr @JasonAplin Jason Aplin

The internet is a Sorting Problem, Not a Searching Problem,
Title and Label any thing you do on the interwebs, so you can find them latter.
SEO your life.

Here is our LIVE! Qik shout out from everyone who connected IRL.


  1. When you think of what inet vid was just a few years ago, imagine the live broadcasting we will be doing just a few years from now... this vid will make a great touchstone.


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