ZR1 Hotlap At Barrett-Jackson

Got to go for a quick little ride in the new Corvette ZR1 at Barrett-Jackson on Sunday.

Go Vette!


Mr Page & Miss Ella

Schools out for my freshly minted 5th grader, way to go Ella,
You Rock Mr Page!


The last Few Minutes Of The School Year

If we could only power the world on the energy of our children...

San Clemente Aloha

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

Had family out from Vermont & Palm Desert this week, to enjoy some of our aloha.

and these little buggers showed up...


Help Clean Up the Coast and Make a Film!

My Fathers Day Wish, Clean up a beach on International Surfing Day, June 20, and send in your footage.


Where is America's Fukushima?

Decommission San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

@SCE_SONGS America's #Fukushima the greatest risk of a Tsunami Earthquake combo is right here in Southern California. However the NCR instead of learning from Fukushima, wants to run more tests... the next big earthquake is not a matter of if but when.

What should the NCR have learned from Fukushima?

Nuke Plants, Earthquake faults & Tsunami hazard zones don't mix.

Any questions? #DecomSONGS Now!


An Engagement Metrics Toolset via Empire Avenue

Cindy Ronzoni (e)THERONZ interviewed Marieke Hensel (e)MARIEKE Garick Chan (e)GARICK Lisa McClure (e)LISAMC and myself (e)SEA how we are using Empire Avenue & Why.

Want to play a game?


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