My Favorite Smart Home Devices From A Tech

OK Google set timer for world domination.
As someone who gets called to install all manner of various and sundry smart home devices, from cameras to thermostats to speakers and televisions, and then gets to see how they work in real world situations with normal users.

This is my short list of all of those devices I would install in my smart home if I were you.  YMMV! 

1) Google Home; this is your hub for all things smart home 

2) Chromecast Ultra; for your 4K televisions

3) Chromecast for your standard televisions and your HD tvs

4) Chromecast Audio to connect to your own home stereo system or other dumb speaker

5) Philips Hue for custom lighting needs 

6) Ring for any and all doorbell and around the house security 

7) Nest for home thermostat 

Need help installing or configuring these devices in San Clemente?