Sitting With My Dad David Gordon McClure Jr.

Sitting with my dad, watching NCIS as he naps, asking him for help with the remote control, telling him he can't go anywhere as all the technology will fall apart. Saying sorry for not spending more time with him, hearing him say sorry for not being very much fun, watching attempted coups on three screens, and discussing how the medium has changed and how everything has remained the same. Dad lamenting that he never got a hole in one, or a royal flush, or won the lottery, I ask if he should have played more poker and golf. I love you Dad.

Fuck Cancer.
D. Gordon McClure Jr. Celebration of a Life, Well Lived
Few days after the above video my beloved father Gordon McClure made his transition July 23 at 12:07pm, he will be missed by all who knew him. I will remember him for his can do attitude, the fact that me never complained about anything or anyone and in my entire life I never saw him lose his shit. Father, You were an inspiration and I hope to someday be half the man you were.

I took a step back from social media following his death to make sure I was spending my life on all the right things.

I share a complete love of technology with my Dad, and in many ways it connected us across great distances. In the weeks that have followed his death I have had numerous occasions where I have been reading something and thought how much he would be interested in this or that,