My LavaCon Austin 2011 Takeaways

this is not a pipe 
What is it then? 

This is not a pipe, my main takeaway from LavaCon 2011 in Austin Texas.

This is not a pipe, and that is the main problem facing any modern global community today.

Digital Content, Creation, Translation, Manipulation, Protection & Retention, all mixed with a bit of real time Social Interjection. (say that 10 times fast) is not a pipe...

LavaCon connects with, and teaches those who can say, 
"This is a (Fill In The Blank)" and heal that pain your organization is facing.  #ROI 

Learning and networking with the experts has never been more fun or well fed.  

This is not a pipe, this is happening inside of your head right now, the ultimate destination of the information we are trying to convey. 

This is not a pipe, this is an opportunity. 


  1. Pipe Imagery care of Alan J Porter check out his LavaCon Austin 2011 here


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