SONGS Invited Us To Ask Questions.

Not Very Friendly To Stalk Your Invited Guests @SCE_SONGS
Hi my name is Darin R. McClure, I live within walking distance of the San Clemente Community Center, Last night we were invited by Southern California Edison to get "Informed" about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station 4 miles south of our home. Thinking this would be a "friendly" event with "face-painting" for the kids we were a little surprised to be met with a full contingent of San Clementes Finest, the Orange County Sheriffs Dept. (our tax $ at work) and a Mr. Neil Johnson, who came up and introduced himself to us and then spent the rest of the night following a Native American Elder, who uses a cane, around like a puppy-dog...

At the event @SCE_SONGS is giving out these cute little examples of a fuel pellets used to produce energy, touting how green and cheap it was in comparison to other fuels.

My first question regarding this little pellet, once used, or turned into a "spent fuel pellet" was how long would it take for that pellet not to be a hazard? My first reply, I kid you not, from the SCE rep, " I don't know" beautiful! Here I am standing an event sponsored by my utility company to inform me and my very first question goes unanswered... Not to be perturbed or dis-waded by this I pushed on. Ok there must be some smart person at this event you can put me in contact with who can answer my question..." and Chris went to find that person for me. I was introduced about 5 Min later, to Kim? with Neil standing so close over my shoulder that I could hear him breathing, Dude you really need to learn about invading a persons " personal space " I again asked, how long will this little pellet be something we will have to worry about, Kim explained that give or take thousands of years, it would be deadly for in the range of +300,000 years. I gasped... Neil asked me to keep it down, I asked Neil to back off as I do not need an editor, here maybe, IRL not so much.

And that brings me to question #2, how is the cost of keeping this shit safe figured into the cost of energy, or rather, who is going to pay to keep it under lock, guard, key and gun for the next 300,000 years??? Again I was greeted with the "We dont know answer" from all of the SCE reps, Again that answer did not make me happy, and I fell back on the answer that these employees are supposed to use from their little book of safety, 



At this point we were asked to leave the event. 

I have more questions I guess I will need to ask them here...

Watching The Watchers


  1. What a way to run a business -- or a public event! I guess in effect, the nuclear industry once again is falling back on the idea that nuclear power plants are so safe that even an idiot can run them. Or did they not even bring an LRO (Licensed Reactor Operator) to the event to answer the "tough" questions? Just Gil Alexander and the rest of the P.R. team? Some open house! And they want to convince use they'll run that plant safely, with all the ferver and commitment of a soldier marching into battle? They'll fight through the radiation to protect their families and the rest of us? They know how to fix ANY problem at a nuke plant and will go to Fukushima and fix THAT problem, too?!? That's funny: They're still here. They don't have any idea of how to fix Fukushima, so don't expect them to be able to "fix" San Onofre after a meltdown! Fukushima 2, here we are! We're just waiting for the inevitable. These clowns can't even run a P.R. campaign properly (who could after Fukushima, they might ask -- but I dare them too!). Why should we think they can run a nuke plant?


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