Twitter in Your Nuclear Town

From 21st Century Disaster Tips You Will Not Hear From Officials.

We live right next to a Nuclear power plant at San Onofre California and being an avid twitter user, and knowing what we know about former catastrophes I contacted my city about using twitter in some way. Got a nice reply, but nothing ever came of it. When I noticed our mayor was looking for questions for her blog, (No commenting, No RSS Feed, Blog??) I sent one off and I want to share it with you here....

"Thanks for starting a mayors blog Lori, very cool, …The question from me for your blog is… when do you plan on using twitter, and more importantly when does the City of San Clemente plan to start using twitter?" -Darin

And I sent her a link to this blog post that I did back in 2007.

"Hi Darin. About Twitter: It may well have a role in San Clemente in our long term business plan for the city. Short term, we are committed to promoting ease of access via the City website, email and web based tools such as bill-paying, recreation sign ups and news to our immediate community. As the community embraces the website, it may be that Twitter is added. In the meantime consider joining the “Mayor’s eList”. It’s an email subscription with the latest blog postings. You can think of it as our interim RSS feed." -Lori

In reply, I make this blog post in 2009, and again in 2010, using free tools, that give me two RSS Feeds, An Archive, Commenting, and many other bells and whistles.


  1. The city's website is truly awful. To be fair I expect that it's all an afterthought project dropped on the existing IT staffs desk. Even so, the decisions they've made have been terrible. They finally start archiving and streaming council meetings and they use Silverlight? There are several excellent free solutions. Another thing that would make the city city remotely useable, and would take the pressure off the IT staff, would be to use a unified collaborative calendar system. To find out what meeting are going on you've got to look for multiple static calendars hidden in various parts of the site.

  2. The city should move to Gmail, but hey look at our pretty Pier cam, oh and did you see we were blogging... #Fail


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